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Internet of Things platforms need more intelligence and we give it to them
So that they can think and you can just relax.

What We Do

We are currently working on several projects particularly on IoT while creating solutions for our valuable customers.



The ITEA 2 project INSIST will develop a smart connected ecosystem for public spaces, where sensor data can be efficiently used not only for proprietary infrastructure services but also to offer value added services based on data fusion from multiple sensor systems in traffic management, advertising and ambience, and business intelligence.



Building as a Service

The BaaS project targets the need for comprehensive and open cross-domain management and control services in today’s buildings.

The problem is that these integrated management and control services are not yet available due to the separation of automation disciplines into independent control systems, e.g. for lighting control, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), safety and security. The trend towards smart commercial buildings demands the integration of building automation systems with ICT systems and other building related information over the complete building life cycle. This requires a novel approach towards the modelling of a building with respect to its properties and functions. The modelling will also include the utilisation of building facilities by different stakeholders like facility managers, tenants, occupants and visitors. The main goal of the BaaS project is to establish a generic service platform for commercial buildings that integrates traditional building automation and management systems with ICT infrastructures.

This platform supports the development and deployment of novel valued-added services and applications that take advantage of an integrated model of novel and legacy building systems along with the data provided and consumed by them.



Media Orchestration - Sensor to Screen

Vision : creating more immersive content requires the orchestration over capture, production and consumption. Production will steer capture, and consumption will in turn also steer production.

  • Offer end-users influence on how to capture and experience everything around them, in the physical and virtual world
  • Develop standardized technologies and tools for media orchestration, merging multiple sensory and media feeds into a single and interactive experience

About Us

Gerade Software is a new company with top-level competence in product development based on the Internet of Things (IoT), service development on rich media streaming, high performance computers and mobile operating systems.GERADE will also be the bidder for state-of-the-art software development projects. GERADE will also bid for state-of-the-art software development projects and will be part of the research project consortia across Europe.

We do Research & Development

We always look for new technologies and better solutions to do out job. We never stop changing as technology doesn't.

Light and Fast

We have expertise on Javascript technologies including NodeJS, AngularJS and ReactJS. Javascript is light and fast, we love it.

We are Awarded

We have been funded by TUBITAK, KOSGEB and ITEA. We love research and development and are very experinced on R&D projects.


We do multinational projects. We do not limit ourselves geographically to business, so the whole world is our target market.

Satisfied & Happy Clients

We want our customers satisfied and happy. We are eager to deliver perfect products and solutions to make this possible.

Happy Friends

We work as friends here. We want to be happy at work. Highest priority in GERADE is to make us as happy as possible.